Services Provided

Cost calculations are made by multiplying the fee amount by the student head count (ADM) of the district. 
The ADM calculation for all other fees is established by using Student Information Systems data taken from October of the preceding fiscal year for our public schools or from auxiliary reports for our non-public schools.

*** Please Note:  The Frontline Fee is now being provided on your SLA contract based on the actual cost Frontline is charging. Frontline is the company that provides the software for the Progressbook Suite.  

(Section 3301-3-06 A 7 of the Ohio Administrative Code requires Information Technology Centers to post fees. 
Above is a list of the services offered by NCOCC and the associated pricing.)

**The prices shown are for services provided when taking connectivity through NCOCC. (Bundle B)**

INFOhio Fee

(included in bundled pricing)

  • Help Desk support during normal business hours
  • Knowledgeable staff and resources to support various INFOhio Services
  • Offer the most recent automation software release as established by INFOhio
  • Support state provided documentation as well as providing DASite specific documentation for software procedures and guidelines
  • Periodic and timely training for “start” and “end of the year” procedures

$3.09/ADM (After First Year)

$5.00/ADM (First Year)

  • Training for new users and new applications, systems and software procedures as they become available
  • Conduct INFOhio User Group Meetings and maintain other communication channels with users
  • Creation and use of additional user defined reports
  • Provide support to maintain data for library materials and patrons
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Disaster Recovery Fee
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Educational Support Fee

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Fiscal Services Fee

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INFOhio Fee

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Staff Development
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Student Services Fee
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Other Services Offered
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