Our Technical Services

Electronic Mail Delivery System

Installation, Management, Monitoring, Training and support for your email communications.

Internet Connectivity and Support

Internet Connectivity, Filtering, Firewall Protection, IP Distribution, DNS Service, Web Hosting and help-desk support.

WAN/LAN Implementation and Maintenance

Data, Video, and Voice Planning, Procurement, Installation, Monitoring and Support.


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Our Mission Statement

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Our Educational Services

Fiscal Services

We provide infrastructure and technical support for account and payroll staff in the NCOCC region.


Staff at NCOCC work collaboratively with the statewide network by providing local support for the districts we serve.


Supporting EMIS Coordinators in the NCOCC region.

NCOCC Academy

Offering Ashland University graduate credit for classes taken through NCOCC.

Professional Development Services

Providing assistance to district personnel regarding technology integration.

Student Information

Supporting student services personnel by helping them maintain quality student data throughout the educational process.

Special Services

A web-based, easy to use application for forms, tracking and reporting specifically for special and gifted students compliant to state department of education standards.


A web-based solution for attendance tracking, online grade book, online lesson plans, report cards, and complete system reporting for K-12 schools.

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