Our History

The Heartland-Council of Governments/North Central Ohio Computer Cooperative is an organization that provides services to school districts and other agencies throughout north central Ohio. NCOCC is a regional Information Technology Center (ITC) formerly known as a DA Site (Data Acquisition Site). We are a member of the Ohio Education Computer Network (OECN). The OECN was established in 1979 by the 113th General Assembly to provide educational computer services to school districts. NCOCC became a member of the OECN in May, 1982. There are 23 other regional Information Technology Centers across the state.

NCOCC's member districts are comprised of local, city, exempted village, community schools and a career center. Services are also provided to chartered nonpublic schools and other educational service providers. Each year over 28,000 students benefit from NCOCC's services.

In the fall of 1999, NCOCC recognized its need to provide additional services and it formed the Heartland-Council of Governments. The Heartland-COG is governed by the Cooperative Assembly, which is comprised of Member District Superintendents. The Cooperative meets every six months. Monthly meetings are held by the Board of Directors who set policy and provide the direction for NCOCC.

NCOCC's mission is to operate an efficient, economic computer system to serve the administrative, instructional, informational and technological needs of diverse school districts.

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North Central Ohio Computer Cooperative
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