Digital Learning Resources

NCOCC is here to offer support in your continued online learning initiatives .  This includes providing training, via online and face-to-face, to assist your staff with all Google Apps for Education applications, INFOhio provided resources, as well as, how to utilize a variety of video conferencing software (WebEx, zoom, Google Meet). 

NCOCC is willing to provide on the fly training for any of the options listed below for those staff that may not currently be comfortable with these digital options or simply need a refresher.

  • Google Application training (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, etc.)
  • Creating and using Hyperdocs for online instruction
  • Grading in Google Classroom
  • Getting Google Grades into your Progressbook Gradebook
  • Creating and using virtual Breakout EDU for online instruction
  • INFOhio online course content (learning pathways - grade bands)
  • INFOhio printable 'bag' options
  • INFOhio's Educator Tools
  • Creating online assessments using Google Forms or Microsoft Forms
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  • Creating online activities and assessments in Progressbook's VirtualClassroom
  • Kids collaborating virtually
  • Google Classroom (getting setup, student use, parent preparation)
  • Sharing documents with students, parents, and other staff using Google applications
  • Scheduling virtual face-to-face opportunities (Zoom, Google Meet, Cisco Webex)
  • Utilizing video conference software (Zoom, Google Meet, Cisco Webex)

There is a multitude of online options when considering virtual content. NCOCC has taken the time to compile a brief list of resources.

Everything provided below is linked directly to the source just click on any icon or text to get there.

INFOhio Printable Curriculum

INFOhio has already created, printable, curriculum packets for you to utilize with any of your grade level groups. 

INFOhio Electronic Resources

INFOhio is broken out by grade bands so you can quickly locate the right resources for the grade level(s) you teach. They offer a wide variety of online tools that are open for your district all year round. 

INFOhio Online Curriculum

INFOhio provides districts already created curriculum for its districts to utilize. Be sure to check this information out if your school is considering closure due to COVID-19. 

INFOhio Open Space
Open Space offers FREE online lessons and activities.
Digital Breakout EDU

Kids love escape rooms and many of you may already do some type of 'breakout edu' in your classroom. There are virtual breakout edu options that may be beneficial for online instruction in the days to come.

Build Your Own Breakout EDU

This is a compilation of resources, videos, to begin building your own digital breakout EDU.

Already Created Digital Breakouts

(Click icon for more information)

Digital Breakout Template

Use this digital breakout template to get you started with your own creation.

Collection of Options
A collection of applications that are offering FREE premium or unlimited access during school closure due to COVID19...
Google's Applied Digital Skills Curriculum

Google provides ready-to-use digital video lessons, with already created lesson plans, and curriculum, to assist your students in their online learning.

Hyperdocs for the Classroom

Hyperdocs are engaging, online, activities that can be quickly created or you can utilize ones that others have compiled. "Designing HyperDocs captures your lesson plans and instructional delivery strategies."

FREE Science Curriculum Resources PK-12
This is a blog of FREE science resources and curriculum for grades PK-12. We are not affiliated with this blog in any way but are just providing it as a resource during these school closures.
Khan Academy

Find out more about how Khan Academy can be used during school closures due to COVID-19 by clicking here.

OER Commons

OER Commons (Open Educational Resources) is a public digital library of open educational resources. Explore, create, and collaborate with educators around the world to improve curriculum.

Online Learning Consortium
Online Learning Consortium has put together a list of tools and advice for handling a quick shift to online courses. Including a free popo-up webinar series focused on instructional continuity.
Progressbook's VirtualClassroom
Progressbook offers its own learning management system, integrated with other aspects of its suite (Gradebook, DataMap, SIS), and it is FREE for district use.
VirtualClassroom Playlist of Videos
This is a YouTube playlist of a variety of VirtualClassroom videos that may be beneficial over the coming days and weeks.
Adding Resources to VirtualClassroom Video

Watch this brief video to see just how easy it is to use. Integrated with Google and Microsoft Office so your staff can quickly add resources they already have created.

Creating Assessments in VirtualClassroom Video
Watch this brief video to see just how easy it is to create online assessments that will integrate the student grades into the staff's Gradebook application.
Educational Entities offering FREE Subscriptions
During this time of school closures there is a multitude of educational entities offering FREE subscriptions to help teachers/students during this period of online learning.
LEGO ideas while at home
This site includes a 30 days of lego printable calendar amongst other ideas.
Music Teachers - Noteflight

They are offering any teacher, in a district that closes due to COVID-19, the ability to use Noteflight Learn with all students through June 30th. They have a full database of lesson plans, video tutorials, and are currently working to create video lessons that can be used immediately with students. 

Music Teachers - Sight Reading Factory

"Sight Reading Factory is offering free student accounts during the time your school is closed." A cloud-based application for practicing sight reading. With an assignment feature where students can record themselves performing a teacher-configured sight reading exercise directly through an online platform. 

Art Teachers - hands-on art projects for students at home

"Beginning next week, our studio will be going live daily with free art & craft tutorials to create at home with your kids! We'll have shopping lists (with links to the supplies you can order from Amazon) to have on-hand to complete the projects with us!"

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